A Bit Rude Parties sheds some light on the G-Spot

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A Bit Rude Parties sheds some light on the G Spot Orgasm

The g-spot orgasm is commonly believed to be the holy grail of female orgasms. On every Sex and the City episode, they’re drooling over it. On every magazine cover, they’re advertising it. And every time you get together with your girlfriends, they’re bragging about it. It’s like the g-spot orgasm is haunting you everywhere you go and after a while you feel like it might be just a made up thing, or that you were born with the unlucky ticket and don’t have one.

Well no worries, it is not made up and you are SO very lucky! The g-spot orgasm is actually a skill that you have to train your body to do… and if you’ve never been trained on how to do one, then how do you expect to have one? This blog is going to teach you everything you need to know on where to find your g-spot, how to train it to work, and how to have a g-spot orgasm every time you have sex.

The g-spot orgasm is like a roller coaster. If you’ve never ridden the ride, it’s a bit intimidating and mid-way up the hill you’re screaming to get off — especially if you have no idea how big the drop is or what comes next. It’s important to see what the roller coaster looks like before you get on. Are there loops? How many drops? What kind of safety belts are there? Once you see the ride, then you won’t feel so scared getting on it. And once you’ve ridden it, well, you most definitely won’t be scared to ride it again

So, to find your g-spot, you are going to go to the bathroom and lock the door. You’re going to hold on to your bathroom counter and lean forward while holding onto the counter. Now this 45-degree angle actually pushes your g-spot out from its hidden space. This is why it’s really good to put pillows underneath your bum or to be in doggie style for optimum g-spot action.

Now everyone look at your middle finger. With that finger, you’re going to insert it into your vagina like a hook (fleshy fingertip pointing toward the front). Your g-spot is about 2-3 inches in towards your belly button. It varies different depths and textures depending how turned on the female is.  Go ahead and do a “come hither” tapping motion toward your belly button.

At this point you might feel an odd pressure or even some pain. This starts the 3PO*. The 3PO is the system to every woman’s g-spot orgasm. So, the 4 stages are: pain, pleasure, pee (yes, pee) and orgasm.

Pain: As soon as you touch the g-spot, it hurts (but not in the bad way). Have you ever been having sex and you wiggle into a new position and all of a sudden it hurts? Well, chances are, that’s your g-spot! What happens is, our clitoris is made of 8000 nerve endings. These nerve endings go inside the body and dump themselves off at the g-spot. And so, when penetration is happening, or you’re tapping your g-spot with your finger, those nerve endings need some time to desensitize. After about 3 seconds, the feeling will transition into pleasure.

Pleasure: This is when you’ve relaxed and are thinking, “Oh wow, that feels awesome… I could do this all day.” What’s happening is, your g-spot is filling with fluid, which makes it bigger. The bigger it gets, the more you’re going to touch it…. which brings you more pleasure. You’re going to climb this mountain of pleasure until you get to the very top and you feel like you’re going to pee.

Pee: Have you ever stopped sex because you think you are going to pee? So what do you do??? You go to the bathroom, you sit there… and what happens? Nothing, right? Your brain is wired just like a man’s during sex… you cannot feel pleasure and pee at the same time. It’s physically impossible. That’s why it takes some time for your body to relax (aka, lose your lady boner) so that you can pee. So next time you feel that pain feeling, DON’T STOP! What’s really going on is that your g-spot is filling up with so much fluid that it’s actually putting pressure on your bladder (you only have so much room in there). Also, your g-spot is on the same lining as your bladder. So push through it.

Orgasm: After you’ve pushed through it, and it probably takes a good 5-7 thrusts, you’ll get to the orgasm. And here’s what a g-spot orgasm looks like. It starts at your toes. Some women report that they get foot cramps, muscle spasms, charlie horses, push through it… that’s why they sell panadol over the counter.

Then you’re going to feel this warm rush of water race up your body and when it gets to the top of your head it actually shuts off your pre-frontal cortex. You cannot think, feel, hear, or see anything… it’s the only time you can experience absolute euphoria. After about 2 seconds, your brain reconnects and you feel this cold tingle race down your body, and when it gets to your toes, you are so tense that if anyone moved you, you would break.

And then the orgasm starts. You feel this full-body, deep pulse. The pulsing reaches a peak until…. release. And THAT is a g-spot orgasm.

Now, while g-spot orgasms are natural, they are not innate.  We must teach our body to have g-spot orgasms and go through the 3PO process until it becomes second-nature.  Once the body is trained, the roller coaster ride of orgasmic freedom can happen anytime penetration occurs.  It’s your body.  They’re your orgasms. Take control and harness the power.

A wonderful g-spot training tool is the HIPG G Seeker, which can be purchased from your local A Bit Rude Parties consultant.  The non-porous material provides the perfect support to take the body through the 3PO process and bring the female to knee-dropping g-spot orgasms.  The vibration in this little toy kicks the power into high-gear with on-the-spot pleasure.  And for less than $40, invest and enjoy!

Happy Orgasms!

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