1. How much does it cost to become a Consultant with A Bit Rude Parties?
    There is no joining fee or ongoing fees. All you have to pay is for the cost of a start-up kit. A kit costs $299.00 (plus $21.95 postage) or you can choose the payment plan option of $75.00 up front and then 3 payments over 3 fortnights ($75.00, $75.00 plus final payment of $100.00) total $325.00 including postage.
  2. What about training? How will I know what to do?
    Once you join you will be partnered with an existing experienced consultant who will act as your mentor and help and guide you as you start up. There is also a huge amount of training material in our resources library that you will be given access to: product instructional videos, party game ideas and cue cards to mention a few.
  3. How much can I earn?
    That is completely up to you and how many parties you have. But as an example if you hold 3 parties in a month and each party has sales of around $550 – $600 then you can expect to earn around $600 commission.So with each party lasting around 2 hours that means you will be earning almost $100 per hour. Not bad at all!
  4. How is commission paid?
    Commission is calculated at the end of the month and then paid direct to your nominated bank account at the beginning of the following month.  There are times however, where this will differ and you will receive it during the month.
  5. How is the commission at A Bit Rude Parties structured? How do I know what I will get?
    Each item in the catalogue that you will offering be to customers has a set commission payable of min 25%.  So for example you sell an item for $100, you will receive commission of $25. Occassionally some products have more profit margin and we may be able to offer bonus commission!
  6. Can I earn more commission if I encourage friends to sign up?
    Yes you can. You can earn downline commission. If you sign someone up then you will receive additional commission of 5% on total monthly sales of the Consultant that you signed up. And if they then sign up someone themselves then you will get an additional 2.5% of what-ever that person sells.
  1. How often will I need to hold a party?
    There is no limit or obligation on the number of parties that you must have. We appreciate that many of our consultants are busy working people and mums and sometimes there is just not the time.
  2. What if I want to add items to my kit?
    You can add items from our full range to your kit from whenever you like. Consultants are given access to purchase items at wholesale price which is generally 35-40% off normal retail.
  3. What if my circumstances change and cannot hold a party for a few months? For example if I move to another town or have a baby?
    That’s fine. We do appreciate that circumstances change. Just send us an email and let us know.
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