Book Adult Toy Parties in Australia with A Bit Rude!


Be part of a night of fun and learning!

An A Bit Rude! Party is a little rude, a little saucy, a little naughty but always classy! When you book adult toy parties in Australia with A Bit Rude!, you and your girlfriends, be them new friends old friends or even young friends and more mature friends, are guaranteed A NIGHT OF FUN AND LEARNING!

Your expertly trained party consultant will bring a huge selection of goodies including adult toys, lotions, potions and all things romantic! They will play hilarious games and they even provide the prizes! Your party consultant will talk about the latest and greatest products in the adult world which includes sampling, feeling and smelling! Did you know the best way to test vibrations with your clothes on is with the end of your nose? You will do that a bit on the night!

At the end of the night you can browse a little more and if anyone wants to order your consultant will discreetly take orders and they can be sent direct to each individual or discreetly packaged and delivered to the person holding the party for distribution. We carry all stock in our warehouse and dispatch orders within 72 hours.

We make it easy to book sex toy parties. Just fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Alternatively, you can phone us on

0414 268871.

Absolutely nothing. There are no booking fees or any other charges for booking a party with A Bit Rude Parties (ABR)

A Consultant from ABR will attend the party with a demonstration kit of products and they will also have product catalogues for party goers to look through.  There will also be a PDF of  the catalogue which can be viewed/downloaded.

The Consultant will take orders at the party.

ABR uses an encrypted online NAB Transact account facility which allows our Consultants to securely process orders using debit or credit cards. A receipt for all order will be automatically generated and sent to customers.

The Consultant will submit customer orders back to ABR head office on the day or night of the party or the next day and orders are generally despatched from ABR warehouse within 24 hours.

That is up to you. Orders can be sent directly to individual customer addresses and there is a standard postage fee applicable. Or customers can choose to have their order sent back to Hostess and collect from there. Orders going back to the Hostess’s address for collection have a 50%+ reduction in postage cost.

ABR packaging is very discreet. All items are packed into sealed bags and then packed into unmarked cartons or padded bags for despatch.

There is no set limit but we prefer there are at least 6 people at a party to make it worthwhile for our Consultant to attend.

Yes we always have a number of bonuses and promotions that the party hostess can take advantage of. For example: The Hostess will automatically get a 10% credit on total party sales to spend on products. So if total sales at the party are $800.00 the hostess gets an $80.00 credit to spend on ABR products. There are also ½ price booking bonus items available if someone in attendance books to have a party with ABR at a later date. There are also regular monthly promotions of free items for the hostess if party sales achieve a set target.

Just ask you ABR Consultant for details on all current Hostess promotions and bonuses.

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