Does it cost me anything to hold a party?
No, we do not charge any party booking fees.
2. How many guests should I invite?
There is really no limit really however we do prefer that parties have a minimum of 6 guests to make our Consultants attendance worthwhile
3. Can I have both male and female guests?
Yes absolutely, we have Consultants who are happy to attend mixed parties
4. Is there a minimum party sales amount which I have to reach?
No, you do not have to reach a minimum sales amount however, remember that the more your guests spend, the more you then get to spend!  Hostess credit, which is 10% of the total sales at your party, will be yours to spend /offset a catalogue item. Hostess credits apply with a minimum of $600 in full retail party sales.
5. How long is the delivery time for orders for my party?
ABR does not drop ship. All catalogue stock is held on hand at our distribution centre and as soon as the last order from the party is received and the party is closed off then orders will be dispatched. Generally within 1-2 days from the party being closed.
6. How are the orders packed?
All orders which are being sent back to the Hostess will be packed individually in discrete packaging and with the guest’s name so that the Hostess can distribute once received.

Those that opt for direct delivery (additional postage cost) will be sent as soon as the order has been placed.
7. How do I book a party?
It’s simple. Go to our website and fill out the email enquiry form and we will then forward your request to the Consultant that is closest to you and they will then give you a call to sort out arrangements.

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