Alston – Pretty Love

$79.95 inc GST

Product Description

Pretty Love – Alston is a wonderfully designed flexible vibrator with a curve in the shaft to reach the desired levels of pleasure.
•Alston Vibrator
•12 Happy Levels / Vibration patterns
•Sensational Silicone
•Ergonomically Designed Handle and Easy to Use Controls
•USB Rechargeable

Alston Vibe by Pretty Love really fits the pleasure brief of being easy to handle however and wherever you want to use it!

Alston Vibrator isn’t a large vibrator or a small vibrator – it sits in between, not too big and not too small. Just right – at a total length of 20cm which of course includes the handle. The width is around the normal standard size of 3.5cm which is a very pleasurable width. The curve in the shaft tip of the Alston assist with direct G-Spot pleasure and can also be used for clitoral stimulation.

12 Happy Levels of vibration pleasure from low to high and everything in between.

Silicone is the material of choice for many sex toys and customers due to the smooth and sexy texture. It is also very body safe and hypoallergenic / non-porous.

Ergonomically Designed Handle and Easy to Use Controls allow you to flip your fingers through the handle to make sure you have a nice tight and safe grip on your vibe. The controls are a simple press button for on/off and the happy levels.

Waterproof is another bonus, take Alston in the shower with you! And, of course, it is easily recharged via USB.