Armour Penis Ring

$29.95 inc GST

Armour Penis Ring.
Clit Stimulator, Super Stretchy, Vibrating, Waterproof. Push Button. Very Low noise. Intensity Level Moderate. Powered By:3x Button Batteries (Not Included)

Product Description

Armour Penis Ring / Cock Ring

Increase your stamina and make love longer with the Zemalia Armour Vibrating Penis Ring.

Made from ultra-soft silicone, this ring is sleek, compact, comfortable, gets the job done and more. The ring is soft and stretchy preventing penis bruising and easily adjusts to your size.

Usually, when a man reaches climax, the penis immediately becomes flaccid. The penis ring preempts that by preventing the blood flow from retreating thereby allowing men to stay hard. But there’s more to this ring than just that. Its tentacle design is designed for clitoral stimulation. Turn on the vibration, and the couple gets even more pleasurable sensation.

The ring is also very discreet and portable. Once the battery is screwed in, you never have to worry even when there’s water around. In fact, you can use the ring in the shower or in the pool.

Stylish and sensual. The Vibrating Penis Ring allows you to love more and love your partner longer.

Material: Silicone
Safety Features:
Texture: Noduled
Internal Texture: Smooth

5 cm (1.97 inch)
Stretchy Ring
4.5 cm (1.77 inch)

Clit Stimulator, Super Stretchy, Vibrating, Waterproof
Control Type: Push Button
Noise Level: Very Low
Intensity Level: Moderate
Powered By:
3x Button Batteries (Not Included)