Massage Candle

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Aphrodisiac Massage Candle – extremely moisturising and luxurious to use.  Choose from our two (2) scents- Raspberry & Pomegranate or Cotton Candy!

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Product Description

Our Massage Candle when heated, can be used like as a massage oil or lotion.  You get the best of two worlds with this one!

Being soy based, means it only heats to body temperature, so you can pour it over your partners body without fear of burning them!  The ingredients of Vitamin E, Shea Butter & Hemp Seed Oil give the oil amazing moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties.

You can use the massage candle to scent, create atmosphere, massage with a partner, or even by yourself.  Light the candle before jumping in the shower, and after 10 minutes you will have a puddle of melted oil/wax.  Dip your fingers in and massage into your dry skin spots – elbows, knees etc .  You will love the ways you can use the massage candle, and so will your partner!

You can choose from two (2) scents – Raspberry & Pomegranate & hint of Ylang Ylang, or Cotton Candy (which a lot of ladies say reminds them of coconut oil)

The Burn time of the massage candle is approximately 30hrs- lasts for ages!   For your convenience it is packaged in a pourable tin with a lid too.