Midnight Bling Nipple Clamps

$29.95 inc GST

These blingy Nipple Clamps are feel and look sexy against your skin!

Product Description

Midnight Bling Nipple Clamps

Midnight Bling Nipple Clamps 50cm double-strand connector detailed with cubic zirconia bling gems between slide-cinch nipple clamps with soft-nose tips for comfort.

The doubled strand of sparkling bling will give you a formal feeling while the comfortable rubber-tipped nipple clips serve as a constant reminder that all are entitled to feeling a little pain with their pleasure.

Use these clamps alone or with your lover for some enhanced and highly satisfying foreplay.

Great for beginners or add this set to your growing range of  kinky bedroom accessories!

Ingredients: 35% cubic zirconia 35% nickel free metal 15% copper 11% stannum 4% rubber
Includes: 1 20 inch (50.8cm) black jeweled nipple clips.

Made by Sportsheets.