Sex in the Shower Step / Foot Rest

$39.95 inc GST

Sex in the Shower Step / Foot rest.  Sometimes you just need a little help with getting into those sexy positions!  Or even to help shave your legs!

Product Description

A shower step can help with those positions!

The Shower Step is easy and fun to use, providing instant leverage to help you explore, and achieve, perfect positions in your shower.  Without worrying about a potential emergency room visit!  No longer do couples have to rely on the placement of the soap dish or the unsteadiness of the tap to achieve sexual satisfaction in the shower or tub. The shower step / foot rest makes shower sex easier and safer than ever, while providing optimal angle of entry for vaginal or anal penetration.

So not only perfect when there is a height difference between partners….but even helps you when shaving your legs ladies!

It has a single locking suction mechanism that sticks to nearly every flat surface – from shower tiles, to floors, to glass shower doors (smooth surface with diameter of at least 10cm / 4 inches). This sexy position aide provides sturdy leverage to ensure safety when the action steams up!

Pair it with the Sex in the Shower Handle and you’re guaranteed lots of wet pleasure time in the bathroom!
1. Flip the lever to the up position and press the step / foot rest  firmly against the shower wall.
2. Activate the suction by pressing the flip lever down until it locks into position.
3. Experiment with new and exciting positions!
4. To remove the shower step, just pull the flip lever up to disengage the suction.