Vivify Tightening & Rejuvenation Gel

$34.95 inc GST

Product Description

Let Vivify help your body bounce back to its beautiful self!

VIVIFY is a natural tightening and rejuvenation gel that helps couples feel a closer connection and more sensation. It works by slightly swelling the vaginal tissue and reducing the space inside the vagina. It gives the vagina a youthful plushness and provides more friction so that penetration is more enjoyable.

* VIViFY restores the vaginal walls to a youthful thickness

* Helps women and couples enjoy the sensation of more friction during penetration.

* Can help make sex more comfortable

* Made from all-natural ingredients that hydrate and protect sensitive skin.

* Excellent to use with Kegal Balls

* Apply 1-2 pumps of gel to the first 1/3 inside the vagina 20 minutes prior to penetration.

* NOT for oral or anal use. DO NOT use during pregnancy

A great choice for:

* People to use when they want to have fun and experiment with new sensations.

* Women who lubricate ecessively and want to feel more friction.

* Women to use after childbirth before their vaginal muscles have contracted back to normal.

* Women to use during menopause or hormonal changes when they have lost some estrogen, making the walls of the vagina thinner and less comfortable.