Why Have a Girls Adult Party?

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Do you ever need an excuse to get together with your girlfriends? If you need a night away from the daily responsibilities and want to spend time with friends, laughing, drinking and learning about ways to pamper yourself, then we recommend hosting A Bit Rude Parties.

What is an ABR party? It’s the perfect opportunity to kick the men and kids out of the house for a few hours and have FUN with your girlfriends. At our parties, a Consultant plays a couple of games to make sure everyone is relaxed and having a good time. Throughout the party you will experience a demo where you will see a variety of products and learn the WHY, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE it should be used.

Our parties include a lot of humour; which encourages people to laugh and not take anything too seriously, while the educational pieces helps bring awareness to aspects of their body or sexuality they may be unfamiliar with. Of course this is all done in the comfort of your own home!

You will be surprised at all the things you can learn at an A Bit Rude party and even more excited to put all your new knowledge into practice! Some of the things you may learn are how to find the G-spot, why it is important to use lubricant during sex, how to increase your libido without a prescription and of course how to feel sexy and empowered.

In addition to our diverse selection of adult toys, we also have some of the best pampering products on the market. Indulge in pheromone infused body washes, shave crèmes, glitter and perfume. These items will make you feel sexy and smell amazing!

The best part about hosting a party is all the FREE stuff you earn! Our hostesses earn free gifts and credit to shop for anything they want in the catalogue, plus they enjoy a night with their friends which is priceless!

Now is the perfect time to get your friends together- contact us today to learn more: info@abitrude.com.au.


A Bit Rude specialise in Adult Parties. If you’d like to Book a Party or Become a Consultant, please Contact A Bit Rude today on 1300 886 293 or email info@abitrude.com.au.

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